About Social Exotics

Our leader Justin Quevedo is a young entrepreneur and he gets it. Although down to earth, his passion for high-performance cars and luxury vehicles is notable. Applying his passion toward launching a new venture, he created Social Exotics for others to share in his love of fast and sexy cars.

Social Exotics was birthed out of the vision of providing top of the line services to high profile clientele – actors, athletes, and business professionals alike– as well as the average Joe. With his professional history as a car salesman, Justin was really able to create a company that would meet the needs of car lovers of all walks of life. 

Based in sunny Miami, Social Exotics was also the inspired by the beauty of south Florida. An area so beautiful with such perfect weather needs to be explored in style. Miami is sexy, and so is renting from Social Exotics.

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Why choose Social Exotics?
  • Flexible hours for your comfortability
  • Latest model vehicles to choose from
  • Convenient for local travel
  • Luxurious and comfortable cabin space
  • Easy Reservations