Exotic Care Rental Services in Miami, Florida

Social Exotics distinguishes itself from other luxury car rental services by providing quality, professionalism and incredible experiences at the lowest prices on the market. Where most luxury car rental services tend to provide mediocre vehicles at a much higher price than Social Exotics, we promise you truly affordable luxury. From the moment you browse our website to the moment you drive one of our gems off the lot, you are treated like the VIP you are.


Top of the line Services

Exotic & Luxury Rentals

We not only provide personalized and superior service to our customers, but the quality of our cars are unrivaled. Our cars are newer than our competitors’, and  less likely to cause breakdowns or issues during your time driving them. Newer cars also means nicer cars. Afterall, the purpose of luxury is to enjoy the drive in style. Unlike other services, which have the same car selection year after year, our cars are nearly new. This ensures  the utmost quality and safety for our clients.


When renting with Social Exotics, you never have to fear disappointment. If we say we  got you, we got you. This means that we have zero tolerance for false advertising and for  dissatisfied customers. You can rest assured that what you view on our website is exactly what you will access when renting, if not better.  Our team is forthcoming about all information relevant to our cars, from its features to associated fees.


Our wide selection of cars also tailors itself to every budget and aesthetic preference. Our prices are the most competitive on the market, so our clients are sure to ball on a budget, looking the part  without having to break the bank. With a wide range of vehicles to choose from, customers are sure to find just what they need. They are also sure to stand out with original models other services do not offer.


Beyond  the fact that we want you to experience luxury at a new level, we also make sure you drive safely.  All of our cars are serviced frequently, and inspected by a team of expert mechanics to ensure your safety. We also carry insurance on all our vehicles to make sure you are covered should  an issue arise.

Need to sell your super car?

Not only do we rent, but we sell. That’s  right, Social exotics will also help you sell your sports car or luxury vehicle. Contact us for more information about how you can make selling your car painless.