Luxury Car Rentals in Miami Beach

Luxury Car Rentals in Miami Beach

Are you looking for a holiday destination? Miami Florida is ideal for your plans. The fantastic beaches, ecosystem and pleasant winter climates are key features to consider. Here in the city you can visit many more areas and participate in several activities. To achieve the best, get that exotic, exclusive car to tour around. Start Point Exotics fleet of luxury car rentals will spoil you for a choice. Below is a highlight of some places to visit and activities to participate.

Exploring Miami

The Ocean drive is spectacular for sightseeing. The drive that runs along the oceanfront of Miami Beach is accessible for both day and night drive. The famous art deco buildings are along this drive too. These buildings date back to 1920 to 1930 but still have the glamour of taste. The Collins Avenue which is the main oceanfront street joins several neighborhoods. If you want to see many fancy cars, Ocean Drive is the right place to go.

If you are a lover of art, The Art Deco District has something for you. The 1930’s wonderfully restored buildings display neon signs and awnings that cover outdoor dining areas. The Bayfront Park is your next stop. A memoir of World War II, a symbol of Miami’s relationship with Central and South America, an amphitheater for musical performances are some of the things you will find in this Park.

The ecosystem of Miami has been well-maintained. Zoo Miami has more than 2000 wild animals providing them with their natural habitats. The only zoo located in the subtropical climate in the continental United States. You will enjoy seeing some of the endangered animals at a close range and interacting with other animals. Let the children enjoy camel rides at the children’s zoo.  The science museum covers physics, Biology and Chemistry themes. It has continually improved its displays opening doors to more modern facilities.   The Everglades National Park has different reptiles and a home to different species of birds. While here, you can have a walk and see different alligators, crocodiles, and snakes.

The Miami children’s museum is yet another excellent location for children’s fun. The exhibits are designed to appeal to children, and it’s full of education, communication, art, and culture. There is an excellent gallery and gift shop too. At the Gold Coast Railroad Museum, there are more than 30 historic railway wagons and other wooden train sets for children to play with and enjoy.

Sightseeing is one of the significant things you can do in Miami. Get an exotic convertible car to drive to these attraction sites. These speed cars are not only exclusive but will enable you to catch a good view of the city’s history. In the evenings you can drive to the best restaurants or nightclubs. There are different types of food and music from different cultures. Here in Miami, you will find some of the best shopping malls, and you can get a good value for your money on clothing and more items of interest.


Miami is unique. It is rich in education, art, ecosystem, and fun.  This vibrant City has a lot of things to discover and experience. Driving across this town will give you a glimpse of almost everything. Miami’s most historic sites have a good drive access. At Start Point Exotics we have the perfect deal for you.  Have fun and see the world’s exotic city.

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