New Years in Miami Beach, Florida

The New Year’s Adoration

Jubilation is the welcome of each New Year. The much celebrated day with new promises and resolution is witnessed across the world. Miami Beach Florida has had some of the best and most extravagant celebrations on this day. The celebrants are not only grateful to their maker but also excited for another new calendar in their life. On this day the world goes at a standstill to welcome the new ‘baby’. Fireworks, dance, and worship is a significant observation. You choose your style. In Miami Florida, visitors throng to witness or participate in various activities on the Eve of New Year and the actual day. Start Point Exotics joins in by providing you the exclusive means to reach your destination before you miss the fun.

Welcome New Year

Music seems to be the theme of welcome on this year’s Eve of New year. At Bayfront Park see Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution. The most massive party in South Florida will feature Pitbull’s VIP food and Wine Party.   Stay awake until midnight to see the spectacular fireworks curving in the sky. You will need to watch out for the “big orange ball” rising at midnight. The pop icon Demi Lovato and producer Kygo are expected in town. Their party will have performances by Travis Scott and Grammy “Album of the year” nominee. Catch this fun at Fontainebleau. Billy Joel has not been left behind. For the third time in a row, he will be performing again here in Miami.

Miami Beach ocean drive New Year Celebrations is one event to catch. The massive party full of fireworks is a splendid affair.  You should come in early to secure parking for your exclusive car. This year Miami is lucky to coincidentally celebrate the King Mango parade on the last Sunday of the year. This is a parade of the year’s highlights all in the name of fun. It is an open affair you can participate. The Miss Mango pageant for kids between 5 to 12 ages is very competitive.  The winners will get a ride in the opening float of the parade.

If you plan to be away from Miami on New Year, the White Party Cruise will be sailing off on the Eve of New Year to the Caribbean visiting the ports of Costa Maya and Cozumel. You can join this team by hiring a yacht for the five nights to usher in the New Year.  You can also decide to go on an impromptu road trip for sightseeing the beauty of Miami Florida and even feel the pride of driving that exotic or luxury car.


Several worship centers have prepared worship and Praise for the believers. According to your belief join the worshippers on the New Year’s Eve and usher the New Year as you give thanks to your maker. Pilgrims hold Prayers in yachts too available for hire at Start Point Exotics.  From the seas, they also have a good view of the fireworks happening in the city. On New Year’s Day make merry with friends or visit the animal park. You need a relaxing moment to get over the holiday mood.   

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