Christmas Eve in Miami Beach, Florida

Christmas Eve Delight

Spend your Christmas Eve in style in Miami Florida. The climate is pleasant, and the swaying palms bring out the feel of the holiday. The Christmas traditions of the city are admirable. The season music, decorations, the signing of cards and shopping are just a few to mention.   Trying to catch all these activities on the eve of Christmas can be wild. You will, therefore, need to hire an exclusive car to drive around from Start Point Exotics.

Rush to get the best

At the post office near Historical Fort, you can have your Christmas card marked “Christmas Florida.”  Many travelers come here to have their cards postmarked. The human traffic here on the eve is massive, and you can wait longer than you expected for this particular tradition.

Shopping on Christmas Eve is at its peak. Catch this moment and have the best discounts and offers. Some malls are shutting down for Christmas break. Therefore, clearance sales, particularly for Christmas purpose goods, can be seen all over. There are useful items still on the shelf. Winter is quickly coming, and you need to keep warm. The clothing stores have excellent selections that are discounted too. After all, it’s Christmas let’s all have fun.

This will not be the white Christmas you experienced before, but it is excellent for everyone. The boats and Yachts are decorated unrestrainedly ready to cruise you to the seas or local waterways. The zoos are open for wildlife viewing. The Zoo lights light up the ground with dozens of animal-shaped lights along the walkways with 3D glasses provided for full effect. You can ride the horses on the carousel, go to the hippo slide or take a camel ride.

The restaurants serve different kinds of food ranging from seafood, roast turkey and mashed potatoes. Other restaurants go an extra mile of serving traditional Latin foods. The budget is regulated to fit your pocket and an addition of dollars for a pairing glass of wine.

Miami City is famous for the Geroge Balanchine’s Ballet “The Nutcracker” at the Ziff Opera House on the Christmas Eve. Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker is full of classic tales, life dancing toys and sugar plum fairies. A similar version of the Nutcracker is held at the Jackie Gleason theatre performed by a company of the Moscow Ballet.

Opening your Christmas gifts on this eve is one of Miami town traditions. It will start with one gift but before you realize it the bottom of the Christmas tree is empty. No more presents to open. 

Ushering in Christmas day is peculiar in Miami. Christmas lights hang all-round the town that sparkles with different shapes and color. Start Point Exotics yachts can be spotted right and far due to their color and glamour. You will want to take a boat and join the celebrants on the sea. The shoppers are hurriedly rushing in and out of the malls to catch the last offers before the clock clicks midnight. Your exclusive Pullman awaits you to the next destination of this unforgettable fun day.   

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