Black Friday in Miami Beach, Florida

The Black Friday Mania

The Miami shopping malls and Boutiques of South Beach are jam-packed on the Black Friday. The holiday fans are getting their winter wears, and the retail shops are eager to earn this year’s winter profit. Therefore, stores offer their best discounts to reach the most substantial number of shoppers.  You will need to move from one store to the next looking for the best deals. Also, visit other areas that you didn’t attend on Thanksgiving Thursday. The luxury or exotic car you rented from Start Point Exotics can help you maneuver through the city and beat all odd times before you catch your flight back home.

Your shopping guide

Get a to-do list. On the eve of Black Friday, get the Sun-Sentinel newspaper that has all the adverts for the upcoming sales. You can also use the store’s phone apps or go online to know what is on sale and where it is available. This day the human traffic in stores is crazy you, therefore, need to shortlist the items you need most. Such offers are sold while stock last or for a limited time. Be among the first shoppers when the store opens.

Stick to your budget. You should only buy what you indicated on your to-buy list. In the event, the sale has cleared, and the increased margin is minimal you can still buy the item. A reasonable budget has a small increase percentage. Therefore, when making your budget, do not make it very tight and not extravagant. You need to spare your money for more fun.

When you have had the best days offers, and your basket is full, it’s time to visit other areas of interest before you call it a day.

Where to visit

If you are a lover of history Wolfsonian-FIU is the place to visit. Matthew Abess, the curator, has brought out an exhibition “Margin of Error” which is a study of human made disasters like the Titanic sinking and other beautiful arts of the ancient times.  There are more places you can drive in like the Pinecrest garden which is the weekly farmers market. Here at Pinecrest, you can have lunch of a sandwich and an excellent tropical mango shake. Later, drive to the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station. Here you can leave a donation to take care of the injured birds.

A visit to the South Beach is unforgettable. Watch the beautiful sunset at Biscayne Bay as you paddle your boat which is also a good work out for you. Lastly, have dinner at one of the notable shiny restaurants where you can enjoy old school scallops nicoise and steak tartare. You can also take one of our yachts out for the day for a special Black Friday price

The weekend is quickly lapsing, and you haven’t had enough fan. If this is your last night here, charter a yacht and spend your evening at high seas. This getaway helps you relax from the days hectic shopping and other small errands you had to do. Start Point Exotics have large yachts with enough capacity for family or group of friends. A holiday is meant to give you relaxation and memories. Make this one remarkable.

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