Thanksgiving in Miami and Miami Beach

A Thanksgiving with a difference
Thanksgiving is about to come, and you may have decided on your destination and the various activities you wish to have this season. Miami Beach, Florida is a unique destination where visitors want to spend their holiday at the ocean-side. You will want to see the beauty of South Florida City, the beach and take a deep cruise to the ocean. Like any other holiday time, you need to have an elaborated itinerary of your daily activities during this weekend. You can achieve this by renting an exotic or a luxury car, chartering a yacht or renting a boat.
Spend the holiday in style.

Notably, Miami has exotic museums where you can learn more about the town. Start Point Exotics has, therefore, introduced the best range of exotic luxury cars to ease your movement while here which includes chauffeur services by choice. This weekend is the best family time. You can have a significant party and do excellent shopping. Shopping malls now open on the ‘Gray Thursday’, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This kind of a lifestyle will make this year’s thanksgiving remarkable.

The summer period is about to end, and the temperatures are falling. The migrating birds are coming back to Florida Everglades. A drive through the two corridors will give you a good view of the wildlife. There are a variety of hotels where you can rest and good restaurants to dine. There are different delicacies to spoil yourself and family.
During this time, other than family time, there may be congregants who wish to have their pilgrimage serenely. The choice of a yacht to get away into the deep seas for prayers is available. You can also sail by use of a boat exclusively made to give you the holiday feel.

The Venetian Islands at Biscayne Bay is a place to visit. Along this cruise visit the Miami children’s museum and Miami Herald building. The magnificent vessel or boat will also drop you by other attraction sites.
When you end your holiday, take a souvenir with you. The Miami book fair has loads of books which include other items for purchase. Here you can meet and interact with some famous authors who come to participate in this event. On the Thanksgiving Day parade with your favorite celebrities or athletes. The Winternational Thanksgiving parade features troupes, dance, community organizations and much more. Do not forget to take good photos of the luxurious car you used to travel around Miami or the yacht that brought you to the deep seas.

Thanksgiving is the unofficial opening of the Christmas holidays. Do not leave Miami without the lighting of the Christmas tree at Bayfront Park. The 50-foot tall tree with lots of lights attracts thousands of people. Experience the excellent music that accompanies the brightness of this tree. There is much more to see and explore in this town. All you need is a well-planned holiday. Start Point Exotics will hire you that exotic car, charter a yacht or a boat to take you to your desired destination.

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