7 Things You Learn After Renting a Lamborghini

As the average human straps themselves into the Lamborghini Aventador, he checks the controls and turns with utter fluidity out of the driveway, grinning from ear to ear. You can almost hear the words of your favorite actor Will Smith shouting, “I’ve got to get me one of these!” While your buddy has a racing Camaro, it can’t even begin to compare to the Aventador Lamborghini. This well-made Italian car exists as quality outside the normal world, and even sightings of this car have been far and few between.

Seven Things You Learn After Driving a Lamborghini

#1: V-12 Produces a Purr Like Few Others

At your foot’s first push on the Aventador’s gas pedal, you notice a significant kick in how this car generates raw power. You can produce up to 691 horsepower, and the Aventador’s premium gas is remarkably tempered, even from a cold start. If you enter into Strada mode, you will hear a long purring noise and then a slight roar. Afterwards, everything goes quiet. You can also choose Corsa or Sport mode, but you will have to exercise patience here because the computer sets a rev limit of 5500 rpm, and the engine must be toasty before it starts. After that point, however, the quad pipes will scream unearthly war cries disturbing everyone within a square mile. To hand you an adequate comparison, it sounds something like tormented brass the wails of a wild and spirited banshee that will frighten the animals and send them running for the hills.

Outside the Aston Martin and the Ferrari, you won’t have another opportunity to ride in a naturally aspirated V-12 like you would with a Lamborghini. The full-throttle lets you shift to 8500 rpm, and after this point, the sounds could be compared to violent and ruthless blows to the cranium. Every time you snap the right paddle, the Aventador throws another jab at the skull, and an unsuspecting passenger will feel the beatings even worse. During the time it’s happening, however, your eyes sparkle with wonder at the coolness of it. Riding leaves you with this sudden desire for a career change on a quest to rack up some much-needed wealth. You don’t necessarily need that, however, and a Miami Lamborghini rental will leave you wanting more.

#2: Hungry? Cook a Pizza on the Hood!

The high-performance cars differ big time from normal cars in terms of the hot exhaust spit from the pipes, and in some cases, the car even spits blue flames after the unburnt fuel lights the pipes. Some videos taken have even documented how a whole car erupted into flames after the owner revved it too hard in neutral to show off to bystanders gawking on the street. In fact, Ferrari and Porsche have even recalled cars because of engine fires within the last couple years. While Lamborghini has no reported cases of this happening, it still makes you think about hiding a fire extinguisher behind the seat on the passenger’s side. After a day of hard riding, the Aventador’s fans blow like an industrial-made fan, and your gaze remains on the oil and coolant gauges.

Considering the fact 12-cylinder engines could one day be banned, that goes to show the excessive heat these engines can put out. If you’d like to see for yourself, rent a Lamborghini and find out.

#3: Prepare for Uncomfortable Conversations

If you decide to sit behind the wheel of the Aventador or a similar car when you rent a Lamborghini, you must prepare for uncomfortable conversations. Most people will rarely ever even see a car like this, so when they see you roll into town in one, you will suddenly have an avalanche of friends. Even at the fuel pump, you might have people walk up to you and try to strike up a conversation. Young guys may assume you’re a record executive and push their CDs in your face in hopes of getting a deal. For some reason, the sight of the Lamborghini hands people the power to ask personal questions, and some people will even drop their cigarette just to start talking to you. Most people in the United States will see one of these cars only once in a lifetime. For that reason, it becomes the hot topic of much conversation as soon as someone sees you pull up with it.

#4: Police will Watch over Your Car

When you drive up to a packed car lot with your Aventador, attendants will move fast to move the cones on sight of the car. In fact, when Chris Brown parks his Aventador in Los Angeles, this always happens, and even in Milford, Massachusetts, police officers will stand guard near your Lamborghini, and they even block traffic trying to exit. Sound wicked, cool? When you rent one of these cars, you can get somewhat of a taste for this luxurious lifestyle. Even if you returned with another high-end car like the BMW i8, you still don’t win the same fun attention-drawing reception to you as a Lamborghini. It’s possibly because you see a lot of people drive BMWs to work, but you rarely even run across a Lamborghini.

#5: Race It down the Road Every Day

The only people who say you couldn’t drive a Lamborghini every day have never tried a Lambo rental. They believe Lamborghinis have nothing practical about them. The nose angles downward, and like the old Concorde at takeoff, you never know when you might smash the car against the curb. The seven-speed single-clutch automatic with the air ducts can also sometimes trap loose gravel, but not everything about this car is painful to drive. In fact, this luxury-made vehicle has a two-piece roof that is simple to install, and you have an acceptable ground clearance because of the front hydraulic life that hands you one to two extra inches.

In terms of steering a Miami Lamborghini rental, the handling feels light and responsive to the touch. You have Audi infotainment controls inside the cabin, which have a simplified and intuitive vibe to them. The power rear window lets you seal the passenger compartment from the V-12’s gulping air intake. It’s not that someone couldn’t buy a Lamborghini as their daily commute car to work, and in fact, they actually could drive to work in style every day of the week.

#6: You Can Now Age Happily

As one of the most expensive and powerful cars on the road, the ride will give you shots of adrenaline every time you sit behind the wheel. Meanwhile, the Ferrari 458 Spider remains our favorite exotic car because of an explosive response, smaller size and genteel manners. Still, when you pilot a Lambo rental, you will learn all about the life-changing experience and how the car showcases the excessive lifestyle in a beautiful way because of how it lets you taste this lifestyle. Even centuries into the future when the last gallon of gasoline evaporates from the face of the earth, conspiracy theorists will wonder if such a car like this ever even exhausted. Even today, many people wonder about the premium experience and how it happens.

For those people going through a mid-life crisis, this car lets you live your life exactly the way you want. After you have driven a Lamborghini, you can feel like you could die happily without a care in the world.

#7: Guilty of Speeding

The Lamborghini will give you a new addiction to the thrill of racing down the road at breakneck speeds. In fact, you can speed down the track from zero to 60 in under three seconds, and you will reach a top speed at 217 miles per hour. With this car, they were not designed to drive under the speed limit, and as soon as you have palmed the key fob, you will go roaring down the highway at lightning speeds and learn you have a new addiction to the racing. With most of the other supercars, you will normally have an impossible time importing them, or they will be sold out when you go to buy them, but the Aventador has no such problem. The faster you go, the higher the heat level, but it’s a small price to pay to enjoy such a wicked thrust.

If you have the money for it, why not rent a Lamborghini and learn if it fits your personality. For those taking a business trip, it lets you arrive in style and impress your business partners to convey a certain brand image to those you do business with. Because it’s rare, you’ll stand out as the guy who drives the Lamborghini. At the same time, it hands you the opportunity to have a lot of fun as you drive this down the road. If you’d like to try it, you can call us today to give it a try and see what you learn. We’d love the opportunity to work with you and help you check this car out for yourself. You will not regret it!

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